Service Activities

01 March 2016

The Wooden Spoon was hotly contested at the Crafty Craft Race.

The wooden spoon was hotly contested this year at the Crafty Craft Race.

Lions also support the community by giving their time to support other local events and by raising awareness of issues affecting health, especially sight.

We’re the ones in the hi-vis jackets acting as marshals at such events as Newbury Carnival and town parades and parking cars at the Berkshire County Fair and the Culturefest. We also help our friends in Newbury Round Table by stewarding locks and sluices along the canal.

Feeling Good. Looking Good.

Feeling Good. Looking Good...

Lions support Newbury’s Feel Good Fortnight by raising awareness of the effects of Diabetes and encourage everyone to have their eyes and ears tested regularly. 

Doing good.

More recently we have taken our BBQ to various events around the area to help the organisers with their own fundraising activities. In 2015 we supported the Classic Car Show at Newbury College and Thatcham Apple Day and we are looking forward to helping them again this year. 

Latest News

Celebrating 100 Years of Service 16/06/2017

2017 is the year Lions Clubs around the world are celebrating 100 years of Service in the heart of their local communities. As part of these celebrations, the 770+ Clubs in Britain and Ireland have been challenged to meet a series of targets centred on health, youth, supporting others, the environment and recognising local achievers.

As we approach the half way point in this our Centennial Year, the Lions Club of Newbury proudly records its achievements to date in 2017.

Yattendon and Frilsham Village Fete 29/05/2017

The Newbury Lions were at the Yattendon and Frilsham Village Fete on the Late May Bank Holiday with our roundabout.

Sally-Jane is our latest recruit 25/05/2017

All the members of the Lions Club of Newbury are delighted to welcome Lion Sally-Jane to the Club.

Easter Egg Raffles 22/05/2017

Twenty giant Easter Eggs were placed in venues across Newbury and Thatcham before Easter and were raffled among customers and staff. We’ve collected all the money and are pleased to announce that a grand total of £2,216.66 was donated to our welfare funds. Thank you to everyone who took part either hosting or buying tickets.

Flanders Poppies 22/05/2017

We have financed the purchase of Flanders Poppy seeds and have been out and about planting them in various locations about the town. With the help of pupils from St Joseph's, the John Rankin Schools and Falkland Primary, seeds have been planted in their school grounds and Falkland War Memorial. Town Councillors have helped to plant the seeds in sites across the town that have links to the two World Wars. It is hoped that these seeds will produce flowers every year as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by our troops in conflict.

The Easter Lion Strikes Again 23/03/2017

The Lions Club of Newbury, thinly disguised as the Easter Bunny, have been out and about distributing the Giant Eggs which are raffled in aid of The Lions funds....which all go to those in need in our district.