Celebrating 100 Years of Service

16 June 2017

2017 is the year Lions Clubs around the world are celebrating 100 years of Service in the heart of their local communities. As part of these celebrations, the 770+ Clubs in Britain and Ireland have been challenged to meet a series of targets centred on health, youth, supporting others, the environment and recognising local achievers.

As we approach the half way point in this our Centennial Year, the Lions Club of Newbury proudly records its achievements to date in 2017.


Provision of over 800 Message in a Bottle – these are provided free to anyone and can be accessed directly from Lions (0845 8334754), the emergency services, surgeries and the local hospital. The Patient Information Point at the West Berkshire Hospital always has a supply. This is a simple but very effective way to provide essential medical details in the case of an emergency.
2960 pairs of spectacles have been collected from local opticians this year– these will be graded and given to those needing spectacles in the developing world. This is an annual event known as Spektrek.


The Club has awarded 4 Gold and 2 Silver Certificates and Badges to young people who have served their local community for a minimum of 100 or 50 hours, within a 12 month period.

Supporting others – the Club continues to provide holidays at a Caravan Park at Selsey Bill for those families most in need of a holiday. Many requests are received from individuals for specific welfare assistance at times of need and these are supported as and when possible. To date in 2017 the Club has spent in excess of £9600 supporting those living locally.

The Environment

The Club was honoured to be involved in sowing Poppy Seeds as part of the town’s events remembering the First World War. Poppies seeds were sown at significant localities such as cemeteries and the Falkland War Memorial. In addition a number of Primary Schools were involved where Poppies were sown in the school grounds and the youngsters learnt of their significance.

Recognising Local Achievers

The Club recently honoured the Town’s Civic Manager, Mrs Joyce Lewis, by presenting her with its highest award, a Melvin Jones Fellowship, named in memory of the founder of Lions Clubs International. This was in recognition of all the work Joyce undertakes to support voluntary agencies across Newbury, in addition to her role within the Town Hall.

Our Motto

The Lions Club of Newbury will not cease in responding to requests for help now or at the end of the Centennial Year. Its members will continue their mission to serve those most in need and follow our Motto “We Serve”.

For further information on any of the programmes outlined or about Lions itself please contact the Club President via president@newburylions.org.uk or call 0845 8334754.

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President Margo presents a cheque for £6,125 Erica Gassor from the charity West Berkshire Homeless.
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