Roundabout we go...

30 August 2015

We took our roundabout to the Sulhamstead & Ufton Nervet Fete on Sunday August 30th and were out again on Saturday 5th September at the Basildon Summer Fete. We really enjoy meeting so many families and young children who are fascinated by our vintage roundabout, although those turning the wheel may wish that it wasn’t so popular! We’ll be out again on October 3rd at Bucklebury Beerfest .. hope to see you there!

Latest News

Watership Brass performing at Speen Fete 11th September 2021 20/08/2021

Fancy some fabulous music from Newbury's own Brass Band?
Then come and spend an afternoon at the fete, where you will hear
Watership Brass (The Newbury Town Band)
They will be performing a mixture of good old fashioned brass band music plus modern arrangements of family favourites.
Why not have a cup of tea, a slice of cake, listen and relax!

Fabulous Photoshoot 12/08/2021

3rd prize in Speen Fete Raffle!

Another super raffle prize! 10/08/2021

What a delicious donation. Thank you!

Speen Fete 07/08/2021

Speen Fete 11th September 2021